What I wish I knew, the best chance at maintaining the lifestyle

Welcome to the Keto lifestyle. If you are just starting out this is a great quick start article with the best tips and tips to be as successful as you can. We are not doctors, nutritionists etc, we are however a group of ketoers with years on the lifestyle, and success, please consult your doctor before beginnhing any diet or lifestyle. As you are probably aware, we are a recipe site, Facebook group and page. As well as Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. So please when you get to the bottom and have learned something, give us a follow on your social media, and join us in Facebook too.

Lets get into it. In short, the Keto way of life is a diet plan/lifestyle that enables you to convert your body from a carb and sugar burner to a fat burner. This is accomplished by the bodies metabolic process with the production of ketones that can be turned into a fuel source. These ketones are produced in the liver. It enables your body to work efficiently burning fat due to your agressively reduced carb intake. Tracking your progress in the beginning can be done with a keto stick like this. But it isn’t an accurate measurement, it is however encouraging to see that your body is starting to turn with the color change.

We do like to stop to point out there are a number of things that we think will be helpful as your go through your journey. No scale, becasue we prefer a different tracking approach. But a Keto Mojo Blood tester which also measures blood sugar so that when you get into the lifestyle you can track how keto sugar substitutes work in your body. Because they do work differently in different people. Now if you dont like needles, and equally effective testing machine is a breath tester, we like this one. Then find yourself a good food processor and a good blender, we like this Ninja processor and blender combo, its nice and compact and not a single use item. We are also trialing this free keto app its Stupid Simple called that and the update is nice.

The break in period. Starting a new program is not always the easiest process and this WOE will challenge most. We call it the break in period, because the body normally works off of a fuel of carbs, and you’ll be training your body to run off of ketones as your body begins to produce them. The switch over period can take 3-7 days or so to adjust, or break in. commonly referered to as the keto-flu. Your best bet is to keep the food choices simple and make sure you get water and your electrolytes in, because as we’ve researched the process it seem this helps mute the break in period.

KISS it! Keep it simple…..sustenance. You thought we were about to call you stupid huh? Naaa, not yet, we want you to win and be encouraged to stay the course. Keep the food choices simple starting off, I know there are recipes on our site you’ve already been eyeballing. We recomend keeping the first week or two as simple choice foods. No sweets, no treats, you are sugar free on keto even keto approved recipes. We suggest this because certain keto approved sweeteners affect people differently stalling some weightloss, upset stomach etc. You don’t want to start out stalling your progress. Also lifestyle changing requires a commitment on your part. These Brownies look just like regular brownies and taste just as amazing, but its a mental thing you’d not activate the pain center in your brain (missing a favorite guilty pleasure food). So go basic to get started, we love to have folks start the life with an egg fast three-four days to jump start the life. Then switch over to simple foods. Think eggs, salads, steaks, low carb veggies-yes there are high carb veggies. Then work on some of the recipes that are available here and throughout the internet, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Tracking your progress as well as numbers. tracking your numbers or macros. The carbs, the protein, the fats and the total allowed calories. These numbers are your key to success, they are what will allow you to continue to lose. Most people having a plateau are needing to do a better job tracking the macros. Keep this in mind as you begin. Tracking your progress is what keeps you on the path. Take that scale and get a starting weight, then tuck it away under the cabinet We suggest a monthly weigh in if you must watch the numbers, but weighing as you lose creates a blinder for you and makes you a number chaser. Instead, finish this article and go over to your closet and do the following. Find the tightest fitting outfit that you own (we all have that one outfit you wish you could wear) This is your new progress tracker. Once a week try this outfit on, you will be able to detect the changes in your body significantly better than a number on a scale. Our body changes before the numbers do. When your tracking outfit is a part of your weekly rotation, go on to the store and pick out a new outfit in a size or two down. This is your new tracking suit. Track suit….. HA. Obviously once you get to your desired size numbers, and goals obviously you’ll go into maintaining the weight.

What we wish we knew, at least for most we speak to wish they knew is the results available and the ability to substitute so many options. Just remember, keep it simple starting out, prepare for the break in period and know this way of life is just the way you eat now. Nobody asks a vegan, or vegitarian how long they plan to eat that way, because that is just what they like to eat and have personal reasons why they do. Remember this as you go along, you’re a ketoer now…. when you hit your goals you’ll convert to a maintance keto to maintain your weight, much the same as all other ways of eating. You’ll have to find the calorie numbers and the carb levels that your weight is maintained. Its all different for everyone. But remember your macro tracking. This will help you get your numbers.

Now you’ve got your starting point, or are in the WOE, share your progress and tips below!!

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