A Dinner to Remember: Steak & Parm Radishes

So you and your spouse are ready to celebrate a milestone or an accomplishment. Going out to eat can be stressful trying to decode the menus and ingredients in the dishes. They can include sugars, soy, wheat and all sorts of ingredients that don’t make sense. Why do hot wings need sugar, for example. So taking it into your own hands takes that off the problem list. Taking to the back yard to cook a an amazing meal for the two of you not only takes that wonderment out of what’s in the dish, and you don’t have to drive home afterwards….. though you do have to do the dishes. But this dish has enough street cred to make the dishes totally worth it. Taking the steak up a notch with a coffee brown butter sauce not only elevates the flavors but it makes such an impressive plating for the dish.

NY Steak Grilled up on the Grillgrate plates.

Steak cooking is part of this obviously, and we won’t tell you how to cook it up, but if you go over medium perhaps steak can be dry and shoe like. We suggest the following, medium tops. Grilling it up on the high heat, 500+ degrees, and using the GrillGrates make for pretty marks, because we eat with our eyes. You can also use a large cast iron on the grill, many people forget that cast iron is grill safe and makes an amazing crust on a good steak. Plus, you’ll want to have at least a small cast iron pan for the coffee brown butter sauce. We suggest serving the dish with it, but it could be skipped if you don’t want to be this fancy, and elevated but trust us, this dish will be a fan favorite and a memorable meal. If you dont want to do the brown butter, you can combine the ingredients and make a compound butter and top the steaks when they come off the heat, but the brown butter gives it an elevation.

Brown butter sauce, its an addition of fat for the keto diet, and its also amazing with steak. We used the REC TEC Ron’s Kicking Expresso Rub on the steak, so we added a little rub to the brown butter and a 1/2 tsp of coffee. Brown butter is simple to make, and kicking up the sauce with the rub just takes it to a whole notha level. Take 2 tablespoons of butter into a cast iron pan on the grill as the steak is finishing up and allow it to melt stiring occationally so as not to burn it, add in a dash of the expresso rub and the coffee as mentioned. pull it off the heat and spoon over the sliced steak prior to topping the steak with the pan roasted parmesan radishes. Brown butter is something you may not have had before, so lets explain it. Brown butter tastes nutty and rich, and the coffee addition ties into the steak. Take that and pair it with the parmesan cheese on the radishes…. Really ties it together, since toasted parmesan also has a nutty flavor. Yes, thats next level food, who said the backyard folks couldn’t cook?

radishes par boiled and parmesan added, then onto the next step

On to the radishes. Yes radishes!!! Have you had radishes? Radishes are underrated, and part of the veggies that are allowed on keto, and dont nearly get the attention that they deserve, from fo-tato salad, hash browns etc. They are earthy, like a potato, but not nearly as carby. You can eat lots of them, they are around .25 per medium radish. You can stay under your carb count easy with this veggie. You can roast them from start to finish, or you can par boil them like we do.

Radishes and parmesan pan roasted and carmelized.

Once they are softened, add them to a pan with a tbs of butter for each serving of radishes appx 8-10 radishes. Stir well over medium heat. They begin to brown with the butter stiring them up add in approximently two – three tablespoons of parmesan shavings or fine grated. fresh grated works best but you can use the canned stuff provided it isnt full of fillers and other ingredients that aren’t keto.

Steak and Coffee Brown Butter sauce.
2-3 Tbs REC TEC Ron’s Kicking Expressp rub reserve one per steak and per butter tbs
Butter – Tbs per steak
1 Tbs Coffee

Parmesan Roasted Radishes
Radishes-8-9 medium per person
Tbs Butter per serving radishes
3Tbs Parmesan Cheese

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