Fried Green Tomatoes

Yes you read that right, its up and live, fried green tomatoes, no way you say. Yes way I say. Being from the south fried green tomatoes are a staple in most places probably because thety are so tasty! If you havent had them before you owe it to yourself to try these. They are crispy, have that feeling of eating off diet plan, and pair well with basicly any meat. We went greek chicken but you could do any other. We thought about topping with keto pimento cheese but we accidently ate them all before we could pull the pimento cheese out. maybe next time.

So fried green tomatoes I think of as the way to enjoy a tomato without having to wait for it to get ripe. Obviously…lol They are firm and hold up well to breading and frying. We actually went ahed and baked them off before shallow frying them. We’d hoped them to crip up like the fried chicken we did but it didnt, so we pan fried them and they were, in a word…. AWESOME! Feel free to skip baking them off and go straight to a butter or keto friendly oil like tallow or Ghee. both are 400 degrees or higher smoke point so youll have no issue frying at 350 degrees. Fried Green Tomatoes are fried….. it says it in the name. The coconut oil is great but is a bit sweet for my taste so I went ghee, which is basicly butter without the milk fats to burn. We’d suggest it or beef tallow or lard. They are both good options but obviously are meat based and some folks read, vegitarians dont care for it, but hey, its good stuff!

Fried Green tomatoes are pretty simple to do but don’t last long because you’ll be eating them all. Starting with great produce is required. Fresh bright green tomatoes, they are beautiful…. and delicious. So the tradition of fried green tomatoes, viewed as a southern staple are actually tied to the northeast or even the midwest, yes this southern staple is gasp… a “yankee dish”. Thats going to be on the test, but really its deep fat frying a vegetable, or is it a fruit? What do you think? Its technically a fruit, but we count it as a veggie serving….. you can too.

Breading is easy, get a wet and two dry stations, eggs whipped in one bowl dry breading in the others. We mentioned we used ghee over the coconut because this recipe we use coconut flour which can be sweet on its own. Its perfect for this recipe because its sucks up moisture. But beause its sweeter, add some extra salt to the breading bowl along with some course grind pepper, paprika, garlic and ground celery seed. Now traditionally the fried green tomato is coated sith a corn meal and flour mix, the use of our almond flour and parmesan cheese will give you that courser ground exterior that nobody will even know the difference. This was a labor of love, and we are proud of this one, as we are of all them, but it was a great ride creating it.

1 Cup almond flour
2 Cups parmesan Cheese finely grated(shaker is ok if no additives)
1/4 Cup Coconut flour
3 Large eggs
Seasoning mix -1 part each
Fresh cracked black pepper
Garlic powder
paprika- Smoked
Celery seed- ground
3-4 large green tomatoes
Ghee, Beef Tallow, Lard
First two ingredients into a bowl, tablespoon seasoning mix. Coconut flour into a large baggy for dusting the tomatoes. Slice the tomatoes in 1/2 inch slices and pop them in the baggy of coconut flour to dust the slices. This will help them to not get soggy with the moisture in the tomatoes. Whipped eggs into the bowl for dipping. Pull the tomatoes and sprinkle with the seasoning mix to combat the sweetness of the coconut flour. Dip and dredge the tomatoes and shallow fry the tomatoes in ghee or other fryer oils until golden brown, use a deeper frying pan to minimize splatter and avoid the spouse being mad. But we pretty much believe you could not be mad when you taste these. So sprinkle with seasoning mix, plate and ENJOY!!!

We hope you enjoy this one, its truely one of our favorites. please continue to share us and our recipes with your low carb and keto friends. Find us on our socials below and pinterest people we want ot see this pinned!

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