Wes Phillips

London Broil

London broil is such an underated cut of beef. Many people cook them too long or don’t lean on them hard enough with the seasonings. This is a dense cut of beef that can stand up to a full bodied marinade or dry rub. This cut is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites. one, …

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You started keto, and the first week you arrived on tuesday afternoon wanting to stop at that guilty pleasure taco spot on the way home. Keto can be done on the run but why do that when you have this recipe for a good old fashioned ground beef taco. When we do ground meats, your …


Whipped Cream

Sweets are going to happen, but preparing for it will allow you to keto-onto the next day. Whipped cream in the cans and tubs are far from whipped cream. Although the convenient plastic storage containers— highly useful past their storage of whipped whatever are full of chemicals that aren’t on any list of keto approved …

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Juicy Fajitas

Tell your favorite waiter or waitress staff at the local mexican joint not to wait up for you this friday night. Making this recipe you’ll be the new friday night taco stand. Trust me, when I finally landed on this combination of flavors I pondered opening up my own taco truck!!! We Love all things …

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