Jeremy’s Crunchy Flax Meal Crackers

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Admit it, you’ve watched YouTube videos of people eating cheese plates with crackers, tasty crunchy crackers…….. Well guess what, Admin Jeremy has cracked the crunch code on keto crackers. Imagine making a big cheese ball for a potluck, and imagine getting to enjoy it with some tasty crunchy crackers, all while staying inside of your macros and not ruining your day. Sounds like a dream eating a keto style diet doesnt it? Sure you could have some with pork rinds, but how many pork rinds can we possibly eat> They work great for plenty of things, but lets give them a break and make some great tasting crackers! Everyone will remark, “what happened to you not eating carbs and junk food?” You can smile and say “oh well” or you can smile and say, “what happened to you, because you’re enjoying my home made keto crackers.” We’ll leave that up to you. But you’ll be able to have your crackers and eat them too….

Lets get started, with a mixer on a stand, it makes it a quick and easy process. You’ll also want a few sheets of parchment paper, and pizza cutter. Ruler is optional for straight crackers, they eat the same regardless of shapes, we did squares but triangles or circles would be fine. We don’t anticipate any complaints over the shapes….

  • rolling them thin

Mix 1 tb so flax seed meal with 3 tbs water in small bowl set aside
Mix dry ingredients. We used a mixer on a stand while we added everything. 1 3/4 c almond flour 1/4 cup nutrional yeast 1/2 tbs Celtic salt 1 1/2 tbs Q-Salt from our friends at Naturiffic 1 tbs granulated garlic 1/2 tb so black pepper
Melt down 1 tb so coconut oil into the mixing bowl. Next add the original flax meal mixture from step one. 
Add 3 tbs more of water and mix.

mixed up and onto the parchment paper—NOT WAX PAPER

Once mixed up place on pan on parchment paper. Place another sheet parchment paper over top smoothing out to 1/16 inch thick crackers. You could try thinner and get thinner crackers but you may find they don’t hold up to a good thicker dip. At this point grab your pizza cutter and free hand or use a guide cutting the crackers into a little smaller than an inch size crackers.

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cut into squares or rectangles or triangles or circles- we chose squares

Transfer them over to a baking pan and spread them out. They’re ready to cook. You can bake them now, or do as we did and add optional kosher salt on the top of the crackers, it gave it nice salt flavor. Don’t forget ovens very so start these off start baking 20-25 mins at 350 they not ready until golden brown delicious. Now Don’t forget These are keto so you need to handle differently.

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Allow to cool completely before you move them. We at Keto-Q know you’ll surely want to share this will all your keto friends and we’d be happy if you would!

*******Nutritional information per cracker -makes 50 crackers-minus the seasonings topping crackers*********
Protein 1 Carbs .84 Fiber .51 Fat 2.4

From the kitchen of Admin Jeremy Woodcock at KETO-Q World Headquarters

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