mustard bbq sauce, mustard Barbeque sauce, sauce BBQ, Mustard


Golden sauce, Carolina Gold, Yellow sauce, magnificent mustard. however you call it, its delicious. Take a break from the standard tomato based sauces and give the golden a try. Its tangy, slightly sweetened and will be your new favorite to dip chicken or pork in post cook. We’ve tried it on both and its legit. Our recipe is a larger batch but you can jar and can it in a pressure cooker for later use, if your not familiar this is a great starter kit. You can also cut it in half and go that route. But honestly, chicken nuggets, pulled pork, grilled chicken all work well with this great sauce.

mustard bbq sauce, mustard Barbeque sauce, sauce BBQ, Mustard
Mustard BBQ Sauce- whisk it up!

We used it with the pork rub we published here. You can also use your favorite sugar free rub to taylor it to the rub on your meat, but our pork rub is great on all meats so thats our suggestion! Also of note this sauce is not meant to be cooked on the gril with the meat, but along side as an amuse-bouche for the meats. Amuse-bouche- we fancy huh?

Carolina mustard sauce as its commonly known. It’s based in a region of South Carolina around the Charleston area, using sugar, mustard vinegar and spices. Since we don’t do the sugar, we had to develop our own version of the sauce, without the sugar. I’d imagine its probably got a lot to do with the German settlers there. Side note speaking of German, you can use this sauce in addition to radishes in a german style potato salad, its tangy and helps round the radishes out and pairs well with the bacon used in the dish. Try it or look for our recipe soon.

You’ll notice the recipe is a large batch, we did this to split with the red sauce recipe a 50-50 split for a great sett and tangy sauce thats been known to knock socks off. Those are cool socks, seriously. LOL As always you can split the recipe to do small batches, but this sauce, as a contrast to the red sauce, stays great in the fridge, and you can jar it up. If you havent tried canning, trust me when I say its next level cool to break the seal on your own sauce……. Check this book out if you don’t know about canning.

mustard bbq sauce, mustard Barbeque sauce, sauce BBQ, Mustard
Mustard BBQ Sauce in mason jars to can the sauce look cool, and are perfect for holding onto it or sharing .

Mustard BBQ Sauce
8 cups Yellow Mustard
1.5 cups Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar
2 cups Lakanta Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener
1/3 cup Keto Pork Rub – (or the rub of your choice)
1 TBS Hot Sauce- Frank’s
1 TBS Bragg Coconut Aminos
1/2 TBS cracked black pepper (optional) sweet unicorn pepper grinder
1/2 TBS Annatto Powder (optional for coloring)
Combine all ingredients in large sauce pan, simmer for ten to fifteen minutes. you can alter the flavor profile to more of a honey mustard with the addition of more monk fruit sweetener or swerve.

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  1. I made it and I think I came out with 5 or six pint jars. I was a little skeptical of anything labeled “keto”, but this recipe is really fantastic. I learned on the Keto-Q facebook page that you can smoke a whole log of Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage right from the freezer. This mustard sauce goes awesome on that. I had that for lunch yesterday, actually.. And it also does really well on BBQ pulled pork. I haven’t tried it on anything else, but I made it exactly as the recipe says and probably wouldn’t change a thing.

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