Whipped Cream

Sweets are going to happen, but preparing for it will allow you to keto-onto the next day. Whipped cream in the cans and tubs are far from whipped cream. Although the convenient plastic storage containers— highly useful past their storage of whipped whatever are full of chemicals that aren’t on any list of keto approved anything, strict, lazy or IIFYM ketoers… Whipped cream is a simple finish to elevate a dessert and it can even be a great dessert as its own food with a few twists….. Add unsweetened coccoa and have chocolate whipped cream, maybe lillies sugarfree chocolate chips and a little vanilla extract whip it a few seconds longer…. also if you freeze the whipped cream as you’ve made it here, its an easy ice cream, helado con frescas anyone?

Whipped Cream. Its exactly as it sounds cream (heavy whipping cream) whipped! Its going to be personal to each of you but I find a sweeter whipped cream works well with dark chocolate brownies and other treats.

brownies are better with whipped cream

Whipped Cream

2 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1 1/2 teaspoon sweetener – monk fruit

combine in a bowl and whisk to a fluffy whipped cream, you may also use a stand mixer if its available. But thats it! Basic whipped cream, for a topping or a treat as is. It will take the dishes here to a whole different level of good. Like these brownies.… WHOA

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