Sous Vide Egg Bites, the great coffee shop hack!

These sous vide keto egg bites are the new go to breakfast. Sous Vide is a cool way of cooking that we are working with. These egg bites are both tasty and easy to make! Sous Vide is a slow even cooking process that when used properly cooks to perfection. Its even being used in SCA Steak Cookoff Association events in some cases before they sear them and turn them in. Our unit is from Inkbird and is 1000 watts so it will handle most anything you can throw at it. If you need one and cant swing the bigger Inkbird you can get a smaller unit like this one from PARTU.

Sous Vide keto Egg Bites so good!!

Sous Vide keto Egg Bites for all!

So you may familiar with these sous vide egg bites from your local coffee shop. But these things are amazing, but the store bought ones are filled with other chemicals and additives that you don’t need. so we cracked the code on these sous vide egg bites. Its able to be made with just three ingredients! That’s simple! Your morning will be so much tastier and you’ll stay full til lunch and beyond! Filled with protein and fats its perfect for your keto woe!

pour the egg into the jars for your sous vide egg bites

These are easy to make and don’t have much prep time. you just need the sous vide machine, some jars, a fat source (cheese) the eggs and additions such as onions, peppers, sausage, and bacon! These are combination of a 50/50 split of fat and eggs. For us we used a four cup measuring glass container. While you prep the food, go ahead and set up your water bath and the sous vide machine set to 184 degrees and thirty minutes.

sous vide egg bites in our inkbird water bath

You can measure with a scale but we found it fairly easy to eyeball it cracking 5 eggs into the measuring cup which got us to two cups of egg, and to that we added our fat, a mixture of cheddar cheese and sour cream 1 1/2 cup cheddar and 1/2 cup sour cream. You could also use any other cheese type you’d like, blue cheese or cottage cheese etc. I’d suggest the sour cream if you aren’t using a creamy cheese like cottage cheese- just so the mixture stays loose. Once you mix these together a handheld blender will incorporate the ingredients well but isn’t completely needed but helps.

sous vide water bath

We used real butter to grease the jars used to cook in, just to make sure they released cleanly. I mean because who wants misshaped breakfast? Right? Sous vide cooking takes a few extra minutes but once you do the prep it takes care of itself. Our Inkbird unit has a timer like most do and it takes the guess work out of it. So to your mixture of fat and egg you can pick your ingredients we used smoked sausage and they were amazing, you could add onion or pepper even broccoli. just about a half ounce to an ounce of additions is all you need, and they will stay together when you cook them.

sous vide egg bites
sous vide egg bites in a nutshell

5 eggs
1 1/2 cup cheddar
1/2 cup sour cream
Meats or veggies of your choice
Mix eggs and fat and blend to combine. Pour one-one and a half inch mixture into glass jars. add in your mix ins. Seal the jars with the tops tightly. Place the jars in the water bath and let the wait begin. After 30 minutes the jars will be hot, so grab some tongs and pull them out of the water, a quick shake and these will come right out and be ready to eat.

Be sure to share this recipe and your favorite mix ins for your sous vide egg bites!

sous vide egg bites!

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