Secret Taco’d Tuesday, or Today or Tomorrow

Tacos are all the rage online, but sometimes you want a mexican dish thats not tacos, but something that will be the talk of the table and get you those bragging rights. This dish is and will be the new fun way to get your taco on. It can be served up as slices, or on fat flats, or even in cheddar cheese shells. Its awesome all ways of transporting to your face hole.

Gordo spinner rolls, That is as fancy as I could name it, but this is a secret weapon for your mexican food needs. Its a combination of beef, chorizo, taco seasoning, mexican melting cheese, crema, salsa and smoke! Traditional Taco meal is here.

Taco Seasoning
1 tbs chili powder
2 tsp cumin powder 
1/2 tsp garlic
1/2 tsp onion
1/2 tsp crushed red pepper
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1/4 tsp oregano

These mexican fatties or Gordo spinners are a cool adaptation of the traditional fatties and we think its miles ahead of the original, and will meet your needs to get your mexican taste satisfied. Start with a pound of chorizo, three quarters of lean ground beef, tablespoon taco seasoning mixed into each other. When you start we find using this secret trick makes it easier to do. Take your meat mixture into a gallon ziploc bag and flatten it this way, cut the bag away and prepare to make the spin, onto parchment paper or the plastic bag will work too. So start it, keeping the cheese 1/2 inch from the edges and rows alternating between the cheese, and the salsa. The salsa will be incorporated into the meat, and will likely only have a bit of the larger tomato pieces. So don’t overdo it. You don’t want the roll to become too loose from the fat and the salsa.

Once your ingredients are layed out its time to do the rolling, this is something to be careful with. Depending on how long the mixture was out while you assembled it you may want to place the flattened meat in the fridge or freezer to make for an easier rolling. These can and likely will leak out in the rolling process. place in a pan on a rack, or on a grilling mat for easy portability and the gordo to not sit in its own grease as it cooks.

Check this out, its amazing on its own but on a fat flat its a tasty sandwich. Its also great with roasted cauliflower spears dusted with paprika and garlic.

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